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Примеры писем потенциальным научным руководителям

Сонин имейл потенциальным PhD научным руководителям

Dear Professor X,

My name is Sofya X, I have just finished my Master’s degree in History of War at King’s College London and I am considering to apply to Manchester to continue my studies. My main research interest is Russia’s participation in the Entente and its military strategy during the First World War. Given your expertise in history of Russia in the First World War I wonder if you would like to consider my proposal for potential supervision if you are accepting students next year.

Working title of my prospective research is Defiance and Compliance: Russia’s Military Strategy and the Entente in the First World War 1914 – 1917. I am hoping to investigate how the participation in the coalition influenced Russian military strategy in the course of the war. My interest in that topic grew from my Master’s thesis dedicated to the strategic objectives of Russian high command during the planning of the combined Allied offensive in 1915-1916 that benefited from the expertise of Professor Bill Philpott. In my doctoral research I intend to continue the line of inquiry started in my MA dissertation and put Russia’s ‘national’ strategy in the broader international context of the coalition and the war in general. Please find attached my research proposal for your kindly review.

I know that you focus more on social and cultural history of the war, rather than on military strategy, but Professor David Stevenson from LSE recommended me to contact you saying that you might nevertheless be interested in my proposal.

Whilst working on my Master’s dissertation, I had an opportunity to work in Russian archives and got a clear idea how Russian archival system works and where the sources necessary for further research are located. As for linguistic proficiency necessary to conduct a research from international perspective, I am fluent in Russian, French and English and possess a sound knowledge of German that allows me to work on the German and Austrian primary sources.

I am an international student and, unfortunately, funding opportunities are quite scarce. However, I am going to apply for several Scholarships offered by University of Manchester and I am also currently working on securing the funding from private sources as well.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email, any advice or guidance from you would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely, XX

Олин имейл потенциальным PhD научным руководителям

Dear Dr X,

Hope this email finds you well! My name is Olga X, I have recently completed an MSc in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh and have been thinking about pursing a PhD in social anthropology/reproduction research.

I specialise in reproduction and kinship in post-soviet states, I wrote my Master's dissertation on queer parenting in Russia and Putin’s war on queerness. Previously I also researched surrogacy in Russia and this year my article on it was accepted to Research in Economic Anthropology. For a PhD project I want examine how queer parents make reproductive choices and raise children in Russia, in a hostile state. I attached a research proposal below to give you a better idea of the project.

Dr Katie Dow kindly suggested I contact you since your work is very relevant to my research area. I’ve come back to your book on parenting culture studies many times over the course of writing my dissertation this year and since you work with the intersection of gender, parenting and kinship, I thought you might be a good person to reach out to. I’m thinking of applying to UCL’s anthropology department for a September 2021 PhD entry. I was wondering if you might have a chance to discuss this or maybe recommend someone who would be interested in potentially supervising my project?

Many thanks in advance, Olga X

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